Hypnobirth – an easy way for a calm pregnancy & birth

Download the hypnobirthing app and use our audio guided meditations which will help you release fear and anxiety you may have around birth. Learn visualization and relaxation techniques with our app before and during labor & birth.

What is hypnobirthing and how our app will help you?

Hypnobirthing is a hypnosis method of pain management that will help you during labour and birth. Learn amazing breathing exercises which will help you stay calm and relaxed during pregnancy. 

Controlling your breathing : learn how to control your breathing with breathing exercises which will reduce the stress hormones. The practice of deep and correct breaths can help you manage the discomfort during labour.

Visualization techniques :  Our guided meditations found in the hypnobirthing app will help you visualize the birth without stress or panic. Allow the soothing voice of our artist to help you visualize comforting scenes in nature which will allow you to anticipate the moment of birth in a positive manner.

Deep meditation & relaxation : If you practice meditation daily, you will learn to be relaxed regardless of the environment. This way, when the birth day comes, you will be fully prepared.

Hypnobirthing classes : The hypnobirthing technique first gained popularity when several famous women including Kate Middleton the “Duchess of Cambridge” used it to have her royal babies. There are numerous classes that can be taken to teach hypnobirthing, where you can practice the techniques. We have created this app in order to help women use it at their convenience, anywhere, all is needed is a smart phone or a tablet. These meditations enhance any classes or birth plan you may have, whether you are using natural childbirth or not.

Birth made easy with our hypnobirth app

Hypnobirthing classes are available in most cities but you may find that by listening to all the recordings on this app, it is all you need to prepare yourself for the big day!

  1. Getting Started with Hypnobirthing

    Start by downloading our app. The guided meditations were created by a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has over 30 years of experience in hypnosis.

  2. Well structured meditations for you

    All meditations were carefully built in order to cover all topics and all stages of : pregnancy, labor and birth.

  3. Find relaxation in the comfort of your home

    You can listen to these meditations whenever you have some free time. The more you will get in a relaxed state, the better you will be prepared on the birth day.

hypnobirth calm & relaxed natural childbirth

Have a positive birth experience with Hypnobirth app

Learn the benefits of hypnobirthing below

Shorten the labor

Using hypnosis during birth, it will help you shorten the first stage of labor. Learn to anticipate the labor in a positive manner and manage all discomforts during birth.

Manage pain

With hypnosis you can learn how to manage pain in the natural way. In a 2013 study, participants who used hypnosis and no medication, reported a pain level of 5.8 on a scale to 10.

Release fear & anxiety around birth

Learning these techniques will help you be in control during all stages of pregnancy. Being in control allows you to relieve stress and anxiety associated to birth.

Better postpartum

Having a calm and relaxed birth will definitely help you have a better postpartum experience and of course you will be able to cope with the psychological consequences.

Proven research results

The combination of : meditation, visualization, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will help you manage pain efficiently. A Mayo Clinic research states that hypnobirthing will significantly help you at reducing labor pain. 

A calmer natural childbirth

During pregnancy, there are lots of changes happening to your body. The earlier you start practicing these meditations, the better it will help you develop the mind and body connection. Relieve any anxiety related to birth and better yet, enjoy the birth of your child.

Don’t wait until it’s time for labor!

Prepare today by using our hypnobirthing app audios during your entire pregnancy, labor and birth.

Flexibility of your mind

By practicing the techniques stated above, you will program your mind and body to anticipate an easy birth.

Enjoy the birth of your child

Below you will find the titles of all our guided meditations which you can find in our app. 

The Hypnobirth app contains all information you need to know for the best natural birth

Here are the guided meditations available in our app:

  • Relax & bond with your baby
  • Drug-free anesthesia & natural childbirth
  • Release the fear of childbirth
  • Chakra balancing during pregnancy
  • Breathing techniques & affirmations for pregnancy and labor
  • Meditations & affirmations for breastfeeding
  • Post natal depression and how to cope with it
  • Quit smoking before or during pregnancy
  • Coaching and Meditation for the Birth Partner
  • Mindfulness meditations for pregnant women
  • Breathing techniques for labor

Best one so far (iOS US)

I tested a few other similar apps before deciding to purchase this one. The women’s voices are very soothing and relaxing, almost angelic. I have been listening almost daily for about 2 weeks now (I’m currently 29 weeks along) and have noticed that I feel more relaxed and carry less tension in my body since beginning the sessions. I usually listen to the hypnotic birthing track before bed, and find I sleep better from doing so. However, I do think it is more effective when I listen to it during the day and stay awake for the whole session. The daily affirmations and better sleep track are also wonderful. My breathing has improved and my son has moved into a head-down position just this week. No way to say that this app deserves all the credit for these changes, but I definitely feel like it is improving my overall mental and physical preparation for birth. My first birth was a traumatic, preterm birth via c-sec at 33 weeks after myself and consequently my son caught an infection. This second pregnancy I am much more cognizant of my limitations and am taking steps to be kind and gentle to my body as I prepare physically and mentally for what I hope will be a successful VBAC. I will try to remember to update my review after birth to let you know how it goes. 🙂

Saraann Spellacy

My name is Jade and I am a birth doula in Virginia. I just wanted to email you and thank you! You have helped so many of my clients navigate through the births of their children, including myself. I always tell my clients your voice is like an angel. I am so grateful to you and for the work you do. You have helped people all over and I just wanted to give you some praise today. When my clients sign up with me, I always include an Itunes gift card to purchase your Hypnobirthing tracks. I had one mom recently who was so focused using your Hypnobirthing that she would not answer her husband, myself, or the midwives. It was the coolest thing to witness. I also love your anxiety and stress relieving tracks and suggest them to my friends and family.   I wish you and wonderful new year and thank you again !


I am really enjoying this app, helping me (a first time mom) & my baby girl prep for a natural gentle water birth, without pain medication! Our bodies are made for this! We can release fear & bring our babies into this world, world with your assistance! She has a great soft comforting soothing

Star Root

I am planning on having a hypnobirth. I took the 5 week course and really enjoyed it. I was looking for more hypnobirthing and meditation audios. I found this app and have been very happy. She has a very calming voice. I find I sleep much more deeply even though I am in my 3rd trimester. I started with the free mp3s and have now upgraded to full version app, which gives you access to more. I really like the variety of meditations. I am excited to try the story meditations next!

Sara O

This really helped during my son’s birth. It helped me focus my energy to stay relaxed and open throughout the process. Very relaxing!

Kirsten Lane

I have started using Hypnobirthing app when I was about 6 months pregnant. I listen to the audios in the morning and at times at night. I practiced the breathing constantly. I would recommend hypnobirthing because being a first time mom I was scared. Hypnobirthing made me feel at peace, relaxed to what to expect in the hospital and the breathing is awesome. Due to being relaxed not nervous I went from 3.5cm to 10cm in less than an hour. I pushed 15 min using the breathing I learned here. My nurse was amazed at how well I was breathing. I didn’t have time to get my epidural and honestly I’m happy I didn’t get it. Even though I didn’t use the full audio during labor the benefits you learn from it are well worth it. Also about walking, I walked an hour every day… Good luck!

Christina Vallejo

Download our Hypnobirthing – Calm childbirth app now!

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